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Friday, February 03, 2006
Legend is Back
This is my first posted picture since 2003. If I dont remember wrong, I posted my last picture before I went to military. It seems my inspirtion angels are back. :P
For the picture; done in 30 minutes, I used the models in free section and made background in PS. Thanx to the model owners and to you for looking at it...
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Returning To Base

Returning to base after a unknown mission..? Thats the main idea when I start to this scene. The way to home should be fascinating, so create the galactic background. Use a model from free section and modify the gate model also from free section. Use PS for motion blur. Thanks to model owners and to you for looking at it. Hope you like.
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Landing to heaven...
posted by Zero Tolerance @ 3:31 PM   1 comments
The Base

First picture of returning decision. I like creating new planets. Am I a scientific psyco..?
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Very simple and realistic scene. Lets hope they dont crash. It seems so insecure..? :)
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This is one of my modified pictures. I don"t know when I made it, but I found it in, one of my source cd"s and modified it. My be an invasion huh..?
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Thursday, February 02, 2006
Olympus (Trip on Mars)

One of my experimantatons on Hi-Res Satalite imaginery. Not work so hard but some ideas works I think. Can be a little bit weird but share the comments ok? Thanx
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Queen of darkness

Simple and georgeous
posted by Zero Tolerance @ 4:08 PM   2 comments

One of my favorite pictures.Inspiration and a little bit luck. Is that the success?? :))
posted by Zero Tolerance @ 4:05 PM   2 comments

I am working on light rays on underwater pictures.This picture is totally experimental and I accept every comment Good or Bad...
posted by Zero Tolerance @ 2:12 PM   1 comments
Back To Homeland

Some helps from my brother Qzan and I am satisfied with that scene...
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Spider (The eye)
One of my favorites. Just using 'Brushed Pewter' and 'What are you looking at?' mats.No other stuff just Bryce. I thnik I made this picture in Bryce 4 one year ago. I am sure,you will enjoy it..
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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Before I went to army. Huh hard days for me...
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Meeting for Peace
One of my favorite works. I struggle with this babe too much. It taked my time, nerves, kindness ext. But in the end it really satisfied me. Hope you like it and as M.Kemal Ataturk says; ''Peace in the World, Peace in the Home''
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Dreams of Good Days

Just Bryce 5 and A photoshop filter. Just for fun baby...
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In loving memories of victims who died in suicide attacks that made to 2 sinegogues and to English Consulate & HSBC HQ. They can take our lives, they can take our fathers, mothers or brothers. But they can not take our FREEDOM. No one could took and no one will !!! We never forgive, we never forget.
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Swamp of Gardenia
This is my second swamp picture.It seems a good idea to make a swamp. I like little life forms...
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The second finised Star Wars project.I think sometimes bad ones must win huh? Honestly I always like the Emperial Forces especially the Tie Fighters. The design of them is excelent.
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Sunday, January 01, 2006
Water Pack

Here is my Water Pack. Very usefull, and neat. Worth to try...

posted by Zero Tolerance @ 1:09 PM   3 comments
Terrain Pack

Here is my Terrain Pack. Compatible with Bryce 5 - 5.5. Hope you like it. Check out the images. I need your comments. ;)

posted by Zero Tolerance @ 12:00 PM   1 comments
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